They Can't All Be Hits (2013​-​2014)

by French Kettle Station



released September 10, 2014



all rights reserved


French Kettle Station Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Lone Wolf
darla you're an eyesore but nothing ever stops you dim the lights a little bit and sit down on the floor this tender work of art it longs to excite me but I can't grasp the meaning and have my fortune torn apart she's a lone wolf who has a love for silence mother nature is calm tonight please come by my side a presence once took form it had arms the size of tree limbs vanished with transparency and kept the morning warm but sadness never welcomed me like rivers never rescue don't you see there's magic in the things that couldn't be? I'm a lone wolf who is in motion pictures the moon is low in the sky tonight please come by my side
Track Name: Inside
overlooking all the accidents guess it doesn't do that much for me sang with the violets on the steps of churches the cross absorbing all their energy wake in to a world of struggle and the pills are out to get me but i swallow dozens at a time then i'm fine no its about you underplaying empathy it separates you from the ones you love on the inside i'm a scorpion and my love and patience have been gone for years panning out the risk of heaven can't escape the kind of hell that's in the air with your attempts at suicide "we can talk about it later" are the words i won't live down loose end finale i never saw you again
Track Name: Abby Long
abby do you come and go with the dreams you wont remember from start to finish? when the night falls its like you turn into a monster and your claws get stuck in my back and long have you been around see my battle scars they come with protecting you from your episodes and how back in fireside i could never hide and now it is dark enough to escape but that was years ago long before i saw true colors fade into disguise and my best friend told me what its like to fuck you though im sure he dramatized and long he was bragging as if the walls had ears and no i was absent still it made me cry and so if you let go would that end it all and long if you let me could i watch you die?
Track Name: Good Enough
you're the rain on my parade always hesitating by the time you arrive i will no longer be alive now there's nothing between us as there was to begin with you're always staring beyond me and tuning out like a radio show me what is a compromise i tried to tell you my entire life but there's no way in hell to convince you even if you didn't want me to waste my time wondering if you're good enough to fall for me and there is nothing about you to enjoy yet we go along until you notice a difference in the moments where you can not speak the only reason you drink so much is to absolve a lack of common sense am i alone in believing this isn't how it should be you're not good enough to fall for me